How Can Sexual Impotence Problems Affect Your Psyche

Sexual impotence problems can be caused by a variety of reasons, in which the most known and treated are the physical ones: penile trauma, urogenital surgery, cardiovascular, neurological and hormonal diseases, overweight and obesity, medicines, alcohol and/or drug abuse, etc. But most of the times there are some reasons which can also produce sexual impotence. These are the psychological factors. In this article we will not talk about on how these factors can produce this kind of problems, but the appearance of these factors with an already existing impotence problem.

Many men carry the belief that having a good sexual performance and a firm erection are the most important characteristics of every sexual encounter. With the apparition of the sexual impotence problems, many traditional male values and beliefs about sexuality are put to the test. Shame may appear with the inability to maintain an erection due to the believe that men should be able to satisfy their partner and the only way of doing so is with an erection. If the partner has similar expectations from the affected, the situation may get worse.

Not only is sexual impotence embarrassing, but frequently the failure to have a full erection is frightening and brings on a host of psychological problems such as anxiety, fear and, in some cases, even depression. You may feel that you are no longer worthy as a lover or you may feel that you are now older, as so many men correlate increasing years with decreasing sexual function. Male pride is one of the first things to be affected to the point that it can lead to decreased intimacy with your partner.

For many men, their entire self-esteem is wrapped up in the ability to perform like a man in every way, especially sexually. Being unable to perform sexually may become a big failure, even if the person had some failures before in life, being impotent bay be the first hurdle that made it feel less of a man. If not resolved, it may become a major ego-threatening problem to deal with.

One of the most usual problems is the appearance of performance anxiety, which can affect not only sex, but other aspects of life. It appears when men become fearful of failure or embarrassed that they cannot achieve or maintain erections. A vicious cycle of anxiety can develop where the anticipated fear of not having an erection leads to recurring difficulties with actually having one.

There is no doubt that Viagra has helped many men who suffered from erectile dysfunction, but a quick fix does not solve other underlying problems. The first step to overcoming these problems is recognizing that they exists and starting to change sexual beliefs about sexuality. Also, men need to understand that occasional sexual difficulties are normal even in the healthiest men. Obviously, your relationship is going to suffer if you do not do something about it. A good communication is the key to a happy and healthy sexual relationship. Speak frankly with your loved ones and seek help to solve your problem. Patience, empathy, commitment and perseverance are the elements to have a highly successful sexual life.
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