Exercise Routines That Will Improve Your Sex Life And Help Solve Your Erectile Dysfunction

Although men are popularly perceived as being more focused on their sexual needs than women, a healthy sex life is a basic need both for women and men. Leaving any generalization aside, the truth is that sex-life-related issues are serious and real problems that men all ages, and their partners, are prone to deal with.

As such, erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common conditions of this kind. Even though there are lots of psychological factors to it, studies have demonstrated that physical training helps to prevent and eliminate ED and, also, recovering a normal erectile function.


The reason for this is that practicing exercise routines are proven to enhance the blood supply to all parts of the body and, as is well known, the penis requires a regular blood flow to stay rigid. Exercising regularly has demonstrated long-lasting results by boosting men´s sex drive, reducing their daily stress, and increasing their self-confidence.

Some exercises that directly attack the muscles that play a significant role in sustaining the penile erection are based on the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle group. This pelvic floor-muscles-strengthening exercises are especially known and practiced by women, but the truth is that everybody´s muscles lose flexibility and tonicity.

The pelvic floor muscles help maintain a proper blood flow to the penis by applying pressure on the penile veins, keeping blood from leaving this area and enabling the erection. Also, these muscles are the ones that control the sphincters around the anus and bladder.

Here are three classic exercise routines examples that will help you enhance your sex life and reduce your erectile dysfunction problems by strengthening your pelvic floor muscle group:

Kegel exercises.

Besides strengthening pelvic floor muscles, Kegel exercises also help strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle, which takes a major part in the penis swelling during erection and its pumping during ejaculation. Also, this muscle assists the emptying of the urethra at urination.


To do a proper routine, specialists recommend to first identify the pelvic floor muscle group. This can be done by attempting to release urine when needed and then stopping. A successful series consists of squeezing those muscles, hold that tension while mentally counting up to 10 and relax the muscles entirely while once again mentally counting up to 10.

This must be done at least 10 times a day, distributed in 3 to 5 series at morning, afternoon, and night time. An asset of this training is that you can do it in any position, at any time, during any activity, and in any place desired.

Pelvic curl.

This is an exercise that stimulates the muscles that help to achieve the penile erection. Start repeating it 3 to 4 times and gradually get to 10.

  • In a horizontal position, bent your knees while resting your foot sole flat on the floor and keep your arms at both sides of your body.
  • With your spinal column at a neutral position, breathe out and tense the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Elevate your pelvis while maintaining the back pressed against the floor.
  • Elevate your bottom in slow-motion and squeeze it while pushing the heels against the floor.
  • Focus on your body weight, properly resting on your shoulders.
  • Try to squeeze your buttocks and pelvic floor muscles in three breaths.
  • Curl your backside and spine back into the floor, vertebra by vertebra.

Knee droppings.

This exercise challenges you to maintain pelvic floor tension while doing it. Start with 4 to 5 repetitions on each side and gradually accomplish 10.

  • In a horizontal position, bent your knees while resting your foot sole flat on the floor and keep your arms at both sides of your body.
  • With your spinal column at a neutral position, breathe out and tense your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Take a knee laterally to the floor, gradually and as lower as you are able to.
  • Inhale, release the muscles, and take the knee back to the center.
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