Alternative Treatment Methods For Sexual Dysfunctions

The two sexual dysfunctions equally popular and feared by men around the world are erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Both the inability to get and/or maintain an erection and the abrupt, uncontainable semen discharge prior to a preferred moment during a sexual encounter, lead to frustration and anxiety.

Along with sexual enhancement pills, there is a wide range of treatment methods that might help erase both issues from a man´s life. These include behavioral methods, physical workout, sex therapy, healthy diets, herbal cures, and meditation. These treatments aim to find out the real causes of ED and PE and tackle them in order to obtain long-lasting results.


Behavioral methods.

The way men pleasure themselves can hold the answer to the problem. Men can solve many of their sexual problems just by following some simple techniques:

  • Masturbating an hour or two before sex helps to delay the semen expulsion during intercourse.
  • Avoiding coitus for a while and focusing on erotic foreplay helps to derive attention from the penis to intimacy and other ways to find pleasure.
  • The pause-squeeze technique consists on gently pressing the head of the penis at the urge to ejaculate during regular sexual activity until it is gone. Several repetitions may be required until the man is able to penetrate his partner without discharging.
  • The stop-start technique consists of stopping penile stimulation when feeling the urge to ejaculate, waiting until arousal has decreased and then start stimulation again.

Kegel exercises.

A Kegel workout series goes like this:

  • Identification of the muscles cluster, by stopping urination just prior to the release and feeling the tension in the anus and bladder.
  • Squeezing those muscles, holding the tension while mentally counting up to 10 and then totally relaxing the muscles while once again mentally counting up to 10.
  • Repeating the drill at least 10 times a day, distributed in 3 to 5 series a morning, afternoon, and night time.

Sex therapy.

Whether the patient is a single man or one engaged in a stable sentimental relationship, it is advisable to discuss his sexual dysfunction problems with a mental health specialist. Sessions may address former relationships and may help reducing frustration and anxiety by finding other alternatives to the conditions.


Either way, dealing with ED and PE demands communication, patience, willingness, and openness. Single men are recommended to identify themselves as complex individuals instead of obsessing over their penis, while couples are recommended to emphasize their intimacy and pleasure interchange including other elements instead of the penis.

Yoga and meditation.

Mixing up body and mind training is a lifestyle improvement that covers weight loss, physical conditioning, and the approach to psychological causes underlying the sexual dysfunction, all of them proven effective treatments.


As is well known, exercise routines can make wonders for the cardiovascular system. This is an important thing that men with sexual dysfunction problems have to take into consideration in order to maintain a regular blood flow to the penis.

Also, stress and anxiety levels impact sexual performance and can be reduced through a yoga routine involving stretching, meditation, and control breathing exercises, which have shown to be great at reducing mental tension.

Healthy diets.

Scientific research suggests that men who include more vegetables and fruits in their diets are able to maintain an erection longer than those with non-vegetarian or diets with few greens in them.

The reason for this links to stamina levels obtained from fruits and vegetables, which is why these tips might help:

  • Eating foods rich in potassium prior to a sexual encounter improves performance.
  • Large amounts of glucose can help men last longer during sex.
  • Incorporating foods rich in zinc and magnesium extends the time it takes men to climax. These include yogurt, spinach, oysters, almonds, garlic, beans, and dark chocolate.
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