A Short Article About Penis Size

The matter of the size of the penis can make nervous even the manliest man. Many men will say that the penis dimensions do not matter, but how is used. Other men will not even comment on that. As for women, some will immediately say that they matter, while others, maybe to protect their couple, will say no or will give more importance to how is used.

But which is the truth? Sexual pleasure is given based on the penis dimensions? There are minimal measures to produce an orgasm? Sexual pleasure is a matter of quantity or quality? Taking in consideration that the size of the penis can often be a source of concern and insecurity in men, we will give you more information about the subject and provide an excellent help with our product: vRox.

A quick revision on sexual anatomy and physiology.

As we all know, sexual intercourse is possible thanks to the sexual organs: the penis in men and the vagina in women. These organs have different dimensions depending on the status in which they find. At rest, the penis is flaccid, having the smallest possible dimensions, while the vagina has its walls collapsed, having a minor length.

Sexual excitement, fundamental during sexual intercourse, is a complex physiological response, which depends of various physical (structural, both vascular and muscular, hormonal or neurological) and emotional mechanisms, and reflects directly on the dimensions of the sexual organs, especially in the penis.

The penile erection is obtained thanks to the blood flow that goes into the arteries inside of the penis´ cavernous bodies, obtaining the elevation, increase in turgidity and the dimensions of the male organ. The vagina, however, it lubricates, stretches and widens to adapt to the size of the penis.

Let´s talk about measures…

During rest, vagina has approximately 2 cms. of diameter and 8 cms. in length. During sexual excitement, dimensions arrive to 10-12 cms. in length and 6 cms. width.

So, taking in consideration that the average erect penis has 13 cms. in length (which in general is considered small), the vagina can be fully occupy by it, arriving up to its internal wall and provoking an orgasm. We have to remember that for many women, feeling the penis beating the internal wall of the vagina can be very painful.

The effect that the penis dimensions have at a psychological level.

Is impressive how this topic can affect our psyche. Since young ages, the man begins to measure and compare sizes with his other companions. Even the family has a part of the guilt of putting too much “weight” on what the penis represents in men´s life. Many boys, especially adolescents, suffer of anxiety and erectile problems because they think they have a very small penis.

The effect that these dimensions have at a psychological level depends very much on the past experiences and present fears. Lack of experience can generate inexistent fears in a man, while still having an average penis. The presence of sexual problems can make this whole size topic very dramatic.

As for women, it depends on the age and experience. Usually, young women do not give all that matter to sex. They prefer having a romantic relationship with a partner which corresponds their love. For them, dimensions do not count that much. In recent years, this opinion has changed due to the rise of sexual experiences at younger ages and to the separation of love from sex.

In older women, especially after forty, it is given more importance to sex and less to love. It usually happens after a breakup or an emotional delusion. Women search for sexual relationships wanting to find maximum pleasure and enjoyment. In this phase, male physical aspect, particularly the penis size, acquires major importance.

Finally, the importance of the penis dimensions is every day a more psychological factor than a physical one, either due to the evolution of the human being in the actual society, past experiences, present fears or simply to new opinions acquired with time. Having said this, the present topic will still remain as a taboo for a long time and will be object of more studies and conversations.

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